“The workers at the Vio.Me. Factory in Thessaloniki, Greece have quickly grown into a symbol of self-management internationally. After going on strike and occupying their factory, on February 12, 2013 they re-opened the factory and started production under worker’s control. For many, the factory represents a new potential way forward for unemployed workers in Greece – seizing the means of production, running factories without bosses, producing only goods that are needed, and distributing them through solidarity networks.

“Every extra profit we make will be given out to people who need it. Our plan is to offer help to unemployed people or others who are in great need,” says Dimitrios Koumasiouras, a worker from Vio.Me.

This film tells the story of how the worker’s re-opened the factory under self-management and looks to where the factory is headed now.”


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check out this shiiiiiiit! 


May 31, 2013

Into the Fire

May 24, 2013

The documentary
Into the Fire is on the topic of refugees in Greece. Greece is the one country through which a majority of ´asylum seekers´ or ´illegal migrants´ (apologies for the facism in the terminology) enter Europe before heading elsewhere.

This documentary exposes a part of the story of the migrants as told through the eyes of the Reel News Network.



“Officials on Thursday promised ‘swift and exemplary’ punishment for three strawberry plantation foremen who allegedly shot and injured 29 Bangladeshi labourers protesting late pay.

Police are seeking the three suspects who disappeared after Wednesday’s shootings, which occurred during a confrontation with some 200 Bangladeshi farm workers in the country’s rural south who say they have not been paid for half a year.

Seven Bangladeshi workers were still receiving treatment in local hospitals, but none have life-threatening injuries.

One of the immigrants involved in the protests told Skai TV that they had been promised wages of €22 a day. Reports say some men were owed €1,000 each.

‘They keep telling us that we will get paid in a month, and this has been going on for more than a year,’ said the worker, who was not identified. ‘We don’t talk about it because we are afraid that we will be killed or kicked out.'”

from http://www.enetenglish.gr/?i=news.en.society&id=687

“According to the United Movement Against Racism and the Fascist Threat (KEERFA), more than 2,000 immigrants held in detention centers in Greece have been on a hunger strike since April 6 to denounce the intolerable conditions.

KEERFA activists said at a press conference on April 8, ‘The culmination of the poor detention conditions, the mistreatment and tortures migrants have to deal with in reception centers was the three suicide attempts which happened in Amygdaleza center in northern Athens last weekend.’

Two migrants attempted to commit suicide at the Amygdaleza detention camp. One drunk a bottle of shampoo and the other one cut himself with broken glass.”.

read on

Free Öcalan

March 27, 2013


“The right of self-determination of the peoples includes the right to a state of their own. However, the foundation of a state does not increase the freedom of a people. The system of the United Nations that is based on nation-states has remained inefficient. Meanwhile, nation-states have become serious obstacles for any social development. Democratic confederalism is the contrasting paradigm of the oppressed people. Democratic confederalism is a non-state social paradigm. It is not controlled by a state. At the same time, democratic confederalism is the cultural organizational blueprint of a democratic nation. Democratic confederalism is based on grass-roots participation. Its decisionmaking processes lie with the communities. Higher levels only serve the coordination and implementation of the will of the communities that send their delegates to the general assemblies. For limited space of time they are both mouthpiece and executive institution. However, the basic power of decision rests with the local grass-roots institutions.” (Abdullah Öcalan, 2011)

Table of Content:
II. The Nation-State 9
A. Basics 9
1. Nation-state and Power 9
2. The State and its Religious Roots 10
3. Bureaucracy and the Nation-State 12
4. Nation-State and Homogeneity 12
5. Nation-State and Society 13
B. Ideological Foundations of the Nation-State 15
1. Nationalism 15
2. Positivist Science 15
3. Sexism 16
4. Religiousness 17
C. The Kurds and the Nation-State 19
A. Participation and the Diversity of the Political Landscape 22
B. The Heritage of the Society and the Accumulation of Historical Knowledge 23
C. Ethics and Political Awareness 24
D. Democratic Confederalism and a Democratic Political System 26
E. Democratic Confederalism and Self-Defence 28
F. Democratic Confederalism Versus Strive for Hegemony 30
G. Democratic Confederate Structures at a Global Scale 31
H. Conclusion 32

Abdullah Öcalan – Democratic Confederalism (pdf, 47 pages)

From the archives:

“Kurdish protesters erupted in coordinated wave of fiery demonstrations at Greek and Kenyan missions across Europe on Tuesday, in some cases taking diplomats hostage or setting themselves ablaze.

The mass protests were triggered by the arrest of Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan, who is wanted by Turkey on terrorism charges.

Ocalan was taken to Turkey from Kenya where he was reportedly hiding in the Greek Embassy in the capital, Nairobi. However, details of his arrest remain unclear.” (CNN, 1999)


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