Behold the Enemy

April 20, 2013

Hope from the margins – By Gustavo Esteva

These notes offer a quick glance to ways, in the south of Mexico, in which people are regenerating the society from the bottom up. It is a new kind of revolution without leaders or vanguards, which goes beyond development and globalization. It is about displacing the economy from the center of social life, reclaiming a communal way of being, encouraging radical pluralism, and advancing towards real democracy.

the oaxaca commune

From June to October 2006, there were no police in the city of Oaxaca (population 600,000), not even to direct traffic. The governor and his functionaries met secretly in hotels or private homes; none of them dared to show up at their offices. The Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO) had posted 24-hour guards in all the public buildings, radio and TV stations. When the governor launched nocturnal attacks against these guards, the people responded by putting up barricades.

Some observers began speaking of the Oaxaca Commune, evoking the Paris Commune of 1871. The analogy is pertinent but exaggerated, except for the reaction these two popular insurrections elicited in the centers of power. Like the European armies that crushed the communards, the Federal Police of Mexico, backed by the army and the navy, conducted a terrible repression on November 25, 2006. They could not use the ways of the 19th century, but they inflicted a massive violation of human rights using an approach that can legitimately be described as state terrorism.


Inspiration in the Mind and in the Hands

Sometimes we are so busy being angry with how fucked up things seem to be going. We speak of the need for an alternative to what we have now. We want to do away with so many things that are part of the contemporary world. If we want to we can know so much about whats going on and how our own lifes are implicated. But…. if we are not careful we paralize ourselves. We see how every move we make has a downside and we seem to be unable to shed off the coloniality that we inhabit and therefore sometimes unwillingly embody. We are seeking for answers, for a way out of exactly this trap. If we are not careful we become fearful, we become cynical and we give in. We say, OK you win. I will join because I don´t want to fight anymore. I don´t want to know anymore. There is no hope, there is no justice, there is no reason there is no way.

But sometimes stories reach us of people that meet and see the light in each others eyes, who join hands and connect hearts and take the step into the by now unfamiliar world of simplicity and crafmanship. This is one of those stories. It really hit a nerve for me. In our discussions we have been saying that Modernized Man really is most dehumanized of all, while hardly knowing what that would mean. I am not sure if Modernized man indeed is most dehumanized of all. It certainly is true that they are presented with a different set of choices precisely because our prisons are stuffed with pillows and have a TV. Its amazing how radical it actually is to choose a profession as an autonomous farmer or craftsman.

Doing so you will embody the seed of a different way of being. You will reconquer a form of autonomy that we have forgotten about. You will reintegrate spheres of knowledge and skills, just like our ancestors always have. You will be more of a whole.

I hope these thoughts have contributed a positive energy to your day.


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I’ll start from the premise that anybody who’s got as far as reading this had no particular love for Margaret Thatcher. If this doesn’t apply to you, this article will not help. You’re on the wrong blog. Go away now. Bye bye.

Yesterday, today and probably for the next week or so, people are sharing the glad tidings around TwitFace in succinct missives ranging from jubilant celebration to wary reminders that this doesn’t change the way things are and we must keep up the fight against Thatcher’s legacy. There’s nothing wrong with either of these sentiments. While we must not forget that the wheels she put in motion are still driving the cogs that grind us into submission on a daily basis, we’re also entitled to blow off a little steam, and even to celebrate the presence of one less architect of our oppression wasting our oxygen with their vile…

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“According to the United Movement Against Racism and the Fascist Threat (KEERFA), more than 2,000 immigrants held in detention centers in Greece have been on a hunger strike since April 6 to denounce the intolerable conditions.

KEERFA activists said at a press conference on April 8, ‘The culmination of the poor detention conditions, the mistreatment and tortures migrants have to deal with in reception centers was the three suicide attempts which happened in Amygdaleza center in northern Athens last weekend.’

Two migrants attempted to commit suicide at the Amygdaleza detention camp. One drunk a bottle of shampoo and the other one cut himself with broken glass.”.

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Remembering Angie’s political mom.

announcingthe party

An outstanding example of an ‘artistic’ intervention, in which Watts confronts the technocrat poptech audience with itself, giving all of us a lesson in how to create spaces for critique and communication, or expression and diplomacy. By blurring the boundaries of science and art, he unravels the implicit cultural and therefore political continuities (and absurdities) of ‘universal’ modern science.

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Start Where you Are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

Hey Mr Bobby

April 5, 2013

Hey everybody, hold on to your wildest and most beautiful dreams. Let them guide you in your fight for justice. We hope that everybody will find companions and love in their struggle for justice, freedom and wisdom. Each one teach one!

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