Inspiration in the Mind and in the Hands

April 13, 2013

Inspiration in the Mind and in the Hands

Sometimes we are so busy being angry with how fucked up things seem to be going. We speak of the need for an alternative to what we have now. We want to do away with so many things that are part of the contemporary world. If we want to we can know so much about whats going on and how our own lifes are implicated. But…. if we are not careful we paralize ourselves. We see how every move we make has a downside and we seem to be unable to shed off the coloniality that we inhabit and therefore sometimes unwillingly embody. We are seeking for answers, for a way out of exactly this trap. If we are not careful we become fearful, we become cynical and we give in. We say, OK you win. I will join because I don´t want to fight anymore. I don´t want to know anymore. There is no hope, there is no justice, there is no reason there is no way.

But sometimes stories reach us of people that meet and see the light in each others eyes, who join hands and connect hearts and take the step into the by now unfamiliar world of simplicity and crafmanship. This is one of those stories. It really hit a nerve for me. In our discussions we have been saying that Modernized Man really is most dehumanized of all, while hardly knowing what that would mean. I am not sure if Modernized man indeed is most dehumanized of all. It certainly is true that they are presented with a different set of choices precisely because our prisons are stuffed with pillows and have a TV. Its amazing how radical it actually is to choose a profession as an autonomous farmer or craftsman.

Doing so you will embody the seed of a different way of being. You will reconquer a form of autonomy that we have forgotten about. You will reintegrate spheres of knowledge and skills, just like our ancestors always have. You will be more of a whole.

I hope these thoughts have contributed a positive energy to your day.



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