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January 31, 2013

Enter the Immortal

January 30, 2013

Immortal Technique is a real teacher, someone that demands respect whenever I see him. he taught a great deal of sociology classes deemed a bit too controversial by many of my teachers. On top of that, he is a straight up independent artist.

Take a chance to get into his visions on Haiti.

January 26, 2013

University For Strategic Optimism


The following piece was writing while thinking about this conference:

Check it out, the UK Free University Network are organising a meeting for all those involved in radical educative ventures to come up with some concrete plans. I initially thought it would be another of those pointless exercises in talking about what needs to be done without actually doing anything, but these guys are planning to use a very interesting methodology for the meeting taken from the Urban Land Committees in Venezuela. Read about it, we are planning to be involved in some way. Maybe see you there. Anyway, here is what I wrote…

1. Efficiency

We shouldn’t look backwards to smaller classrooms. We should look forward, beyond the neo-liberal classroom, like Marx did through the economic system of capitalism to see the potentials held within it for a truly emancipatory organisation of resources. It’s like mass production –…

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January 25, 2013


Note: This is a portion of an essay I wrote a number of years ago (in 2007) and is best read in conjunction with two additional articles I have posted on this site: Chinampa: Raised-Bed Hydrological Agriculture  and  The Domesticated Landscapes of Los Llanos de Moxos, Bolivia.

Any questions or comments from readers can be posted in “comments”. I will do my best to offer a prompt reply.

Agroforestry and the Built Environment

By Spencer Woodard

2006 – 2007

Agroforestry is currently receiving considerable attention as a stable and ecologically viable form of tropical forest land use (Alcorn, 1984; Budowski, 1981; Hart; 1988; King & Chandler, 1978; Salas, 1979; Spureon, 1980; Weaver, 1979; Denevan, 1987). Traditional forest farming techniques provide us with one of the most logical and effective models of intelligent land management. Recent studies have demonstrated that some of the most successful food-producing adaptations to rainforest…

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January 25, 2013


human rightsmainakiai

UN Special Rapporteur on rights to freedom of assembly and association, Mr Maina Kiai, has delivered preliminary findings on the current state of UK protest and assembly. His full report will follow in the coming months. In researching his findings the Raporteur has consulted with a number of UK activist groups and NGOs, including Netpol, as well as visiting various state entities.

Initial findings of the Special Rapporteur included criticism of the use of embedded undercover officers such as Mark Kennedy to infiltrate groups engaged in direct action, and strongly condemn the recent decision by UK courts that targets of this practice should have their cases against the state heard in private.

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January 25, 2013

January 20, 2013

January 18, 2013

alle nazis moeten DOOD!

Bleri Lleshi's Blog

Greece Immigrant KilledEen Pakistaans migrant is het zoveelste slachtoffer van racisme in Griekenland. De haat jegens migranten en het racisme nemen toe. Europa wordt met een groot probleem geconfronteerd maar onderneemt geen acties. Hoe lang nog willen ze wachten?

Een man van 27 jaar op weg naar zijn werk is donderdag (17/01) met verschillende messteken gedood. Dit gebeurde op klaarlichte morgen in het centrum van Athene. De daders zijn twee Grieken van 25 en 29 jaar. Beide daders hadden werk. Een werkt in de privé sector, de andere als brandweerman. Wat heeft deze mensen aangezet tot deze afschuwelijke daad? Wie iets weet van wat er gaande is in Griekenland moet niet lang raden: racisme en extreemrechts. Beide daders zouden verbonden zijn met Golden Dawn. Bij huiszoekingen zijn er messen en promotiemateriaal van Golden Dawn gevonden.

Bij de laatste verkiezingen in Griekenland haalde Golden Dawn, een extreemrechtse fascische partij bijna 7% van de…

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January 18, 2013

For the people that have traveled across Utrecht CS in NL this guy is a familiar face, a street celebrity. He does not exist for the world of legal and official papers though


“Goedendag mooie mensen, lieve mensen.”

Geen papieren, geen paspoort en geen geld. Bedros Ashekiaan is al dertien jaar in Nederland maar echt bestaan doet hij niet. Toch weten honderden mensen wie hij is. Net na de in- en uitcheckpaaltjes op Utrecht Centraal staat hij, zo’n drie a vier keer per week, al drie jaar lang. Met zijn krantjes. Al voordat je hem gezien hebt, hoor je hem. “Goedemorgen mooie dame, goedemiddag lieve meneer.”

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Ztohoven – Citizen K

January 18, 2013

‘The film comes from an artistic project in which two members of Ztohoven demonstrate in an incredible way the absurdity of the Czech bureaucratic system. In 2010, both of them usurped the same identity for six months: the identity of an individual who never existed! With the help of biometric technology, they combined their two faces and thereby created a new person, whose identity allowed them to procure a perfectly legal passport, to vote in an election, get married and obtain a permit to carry a firearm. This is the first time since the mushroom cloud affair that a project by Ztohoven has provoked as much indignation as fascination: it even caused the arrest of one of the project’s initiators, David Hons, alias Roman Týc.’

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